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Key Application Areas Of Boride Ceramics

wallpapers Environment 2020-11-26
The application of boride cermet in the coating field.
Metal boride is a hard compound formed by transition metal and boron.
The surface of materials often fails due to wear, corrosion or high-temperature oxidation, so it is very important to improve the surface performance of materials. Compared with the use of various special materials with excellent performance, the method of preparing coatings on the surface of existing materials not only improves the surface performance of the raw materials, but also has higher economic benefits.
Boride ceramics are an important branch of the material application field because of their high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high temperature oxidation resistance. Paying attention to and researching them can open up new directions for the development and preparation of new materials.

Metal borides are interstitial phase compounds, and their chemical bond composition is relatively complex. At the same time, they include one or more of MM metal bond, BB covalent bond and BM ionic bond. This determines that the boride has a variety of characteristics from the microscopic level. .
At present, the application of boride cermets in the coating field are binary, ternary borides and multiple borides, etc.; the main preparation technologies are APS (atmospheric plasma spraying), HVOF (supersonic flame spraying) ), plasma cladding, laser cladding, argon arc cladding, induction cladding, vapor deposition, magnetron sputtering, etc.

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