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The Smart Outbound Robot Enters South Korea To Fight The "Epidemic"

wallpapers News 2020-04-02

"Hello! This is the Citizen Safety Room of XX City. To confirm your health, please do not hang up, please answer yes or no. May I ask if you are XXX ..." From March 24th, some people may have been contacted with a new coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis will receive similar health inquiries. Those who have been diagnosed but have recovered will also receive voice follow-up and undergo a health registration.

The above system uses HKUST Xunfei's intelligent outbound product solution, and Korean company Hancom's Korean recognition engine, combined with local application scenarios in South Korea, to form an epidemic-inquiring brilliant outbound product suitable for South Korea, with rapid deployment, efficient operation, and automatic Records and other advantages can save a lot of workforce and time while achieving effective information management and information education.

Since the outbreak, artificial intelligence applications have achieved significant results in domestic epidemic prevention and control. In response to tight control time, urgent tasks, and shortage of workforce, Xunfei Zhiyi Assistant's phone robots used the form of phone calls, text messages, etc. in China to quickly and large-scale screen key populations. Follow-up became more targeted, and the work efficiency was much improved. ; By sending protection professional knowledge in batches, residents' awareness of security has been improved, and the effect of prevention and control has been significantly enhanced; through telephone screening, personnel's on-site investigation has been avoided, and the risk of cross-infection has been effectively reduced.

Bearings are an essential part of robots, mainly including thin-walled bearings, crossed cylindrical roller bearings, harmonic reducer bearings, and articulated bearings, but mostly crossed roller bearings. Structural features of the crossed roller bearings in the welding robot joints: Cylindrical rollers are arranged perpendicularly to each other in the inner and outer circular raceways of the bearing, and a single bearing can simultaneously bear the combined load of radial force, bidirectional axial force and overturning moment. The bearing has a significant bearing capacity, excellent rigidity, high slewing accuracy, easy installation, space-saving, weight reduction, significantly reduced friction, and provides good rotation accuracy. This makes it possible to reduce the weight and size of the central unit.

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