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Deep groove ball bearing range of application

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Deep groove ball bearing range of application

In the modern industry, in type of rolling bearings, deep groove ball bearing is one of the most representative bearing, wide range of USES, suitable for high speed turning, and even speed turning corners, and very durable, the limit speed fast, easy to make the accuracy of the model in the range of variety, strictly speaking, can let the tailor, the general trend of deep groove ball bearing, its model doesn't have a single, the type of diversification, also makes the deep groove ball bearing in the process of using popular, bearing load, and also has a certain amount.

Type of deep groove ball bearings

Since the type is diversified, the type of deep groove ball bearing is also extremely diversified. The common on the market with sealing ring deep groove ball bearings, or dust cover bearings, there are two sides, one side of the iron dust cover; Deep groove ball bearing with non-contact rubber sealing ring, has one side and two sides, and non-contact sealing ring; The last type is a contact rubber seal ring with a stop groove on the outer ring, denoted by the letter N. If the outer ring has not only a stop groove but also a stop ring, then denoted by the letter NR.

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