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Features of deep groove ball bearings

wallpapers Resource 2020-05-21
Deep groove ball bearing is simple in structure and easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy compared with other types, so it is easy to mass production. It is also cheap to make and widely used. When radial clearance is selected, the axial load capacity increases and the contact Angle is zero when pure radial force is applied. When the axial force is applied, the contact Angle is greater than zero. Usually, a ram cage is used, a solid cage is made from a car, and sometimes a nylon frame is used. In addition to the basic type, deep groove ball bearings have a variety of improved structures, such as: with dust cover deep groove ball bearings; Rubber deep groove ball bearing with sealing ring; Deep groove ball bearings with grooves; Deep groove ball bearing, large bearing capacity, with ball gap; Double row deep groove ball bearings. But they all have the following characteristics:
1. Structurally, each ring of the deep groove ball bearing has a continuous groove raceway whose cross section is about one third of the circumference of the ball. It is mainly used to bear radial load and also can bear certain axial load.
2. When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, it has the property of angular contact ball bearing and can withstand the alternating axial load in two directions;
3, small friction, high speed;
4. Simple structure, low manufacturing cost and high manufacturing accuracy;

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