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Notes for deep groove ball bearing

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Notes for deep groove ball bearing

Due to the limitation of its centering ability, the deep groove ball bearing needs to be installed with concentric degree. The quality of concentric degree will directly affect the balance of the operation of the deep groove ball bearing, as well as the service life of the deep groove ball bearing. In the service process, a small amount of deviation is allowed, and the deviation depends on the size of the load. In the use of deep groove ball bearings, to keep the bearings clean, try to use professional tools, avoid the use of fiber, cloth and other things, do not allow stamping, do not allow direct beating bearings. Preventing deep groove ball bearings from rusting is also a major concern.

Table of type specifications of deep groove ball bearings

Some experts say that with the development of the industry, the demand of the bearing industry will continue to increase. Earnings are on a double-digit growth trend, but demand for bearings is volatile due to various factors. The influence of foreign bearing market will also affect the export of deep groove ball bearings in China. In recent years, high-end exports will not last, and there will be a downward trend. From the production situation of deep groove ball bearing in China, the monthly quantity is relatively stable, and the overall trend is still on the rise. The following table of specifications for deep groove ball bearings is only a small part of it. I hope I can give you a reference.
New model old model inner diameter outer diameter width Cr Cor grease lubrication speed oil lubrication speed weight (KG)

6300 300 10 35 11 7.65 3.48 18000 24000 0.053

16001 7000101 12 18 7 5.10 2.40 20000 26000 0.024

201 201 12 32 10 6.82 3.05 19000 24000 0.037

6202 202 15 35 11 7.65 3.72 18000 22000 0.045

6301 301 12 37 12 9.72 5.08 17000 22000 0.060

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