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Structural characteristics of NSK bearings

wallpapers Tech 2020-07-29
NSK roller bearings are generally composed of rings, rolling elements and cages. According to the load bearing direction, it can be divided into radial bearings and thrust bearings. According to the types of rolling elements, they are divided into NSK ball bearings and NSK roller bearings. And can also be classified according to its shape and specific users.
NSK roller bearings features, compared with sliding bearings, NSK rolling bearings have the following specialties:
Starting friction is small, and the difference in sliding friction is also small. Standardization and standardization have been promoted internationally, and the interchangeability is good, and it can be used interchangeably between different brands. Refer to the NSK bearing standard and the SKF bearing standard to see that the standards of imported rolling bearings are universal.
The structure around the imported bearing is simplified, which is convenient for maintenance and inspection. Generally, it can bear radial load and axial load at the same time. It is easier to use under high and low temperature conditions.
In order to increase rigidity, it can be used even in negative clearance (preload state). Each structure of NSK rolling bearing has its own characteristics.

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