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FBA Freight Forwarder Service shipping Notes


FBA Freight Forwarder Service shipping Notes

International shipping and trade is a complex business that can be confusing. Failure to understand and comply with regulations governing imports and exports, documentation and tariffs can have serious consequences, from fines to confiscation of goods.

At DDPFORWORLD, we can organize labels and packaging to ensure compliance with FBA Amazon's requirements. We can also recommend the most cost-effective means of shipping and hire customs brokers and other experts to guide your goods through the customs process.

From third-party inspection to warehousing and order fulfillment, DDPFORWORLD offers a wide range of services to Amazon sellers who want to sell Made-in-China products to US customers.

Transportation Precautions

When you decide which mode of transportation to use, you must consider the cost, shipping time, and the type of goods you are transporting.

You also need to consider shortages and international supply chain disruptions. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global workforce continues to adversely affect transport times, delaying transport times or increasing fees charged by shippers. Incorporate extra shipping times and increased costs into your shipping plan.


Some products, such as lithium batteries, cannot be transported by air. You need to determine whether the items you are shipping to the United States are prohibited or restricted by law or FBA Amazon's policies. This affects the import process and may require special permission.


Amazon sellers need to think carefully about the shipping methods they use to stay competitive -- every unnecessary expense can cut into your bottom line. Shipping costs depend on the gross or bulk weight of your inventory, the mode of transportation of the goods (such as air or sea), and how long you need to ship them.

Shipping and delivery time

The transit time determines the speed at which your goods will arrive at the port of entry. How long it takes for your goods to clear customs and get to an Amazon warehouse depends on other factors, such as whether your goods require CBP (Customs and Border Protection) inspection.

You need to balance the shipping time required with Amazon's demand for your products and the need to replenish inventory. Mode of transportation is not the only factor that affects the arrival of your goods. Manufacturing or delivery times can also affect the time between placing your order and the goods arriving in the United States

If the product you order is relatively complex to manufacture, requires assembly and testing, or involves the purchase of special parts or materials, your lead time and shipping time may be extended accordingly.

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