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Insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) are critical components in modern power electronics and are widely used in motor control, wind power generation, electric vehicles, and high-voltage direct current transmission. IGBT will manufacture a lot of heat when working. If the heat cannot be dissipated promptly and effectively, its performance and life will be affected. Therefore, choosing an efficient IGBT Heat Sink (radiator) is crucial to cinch the stable operation of the IGBT module. This article will discuss the importance, design requirements and effectiveness of IGBT Heat Sink in practical applications.

(IGBT Heat Sink)

Importance of IGBT Heat Sink

  1. Improve the IGBT module’s reliability: By effectively frittering the IGBT’s heat, its operating temperature can be reduced, thereby extending the service life and improving reliability.
  2. Improve system performance: IGBT modules with good heat dissipation can maintain a lower operating temperature, which helps reduce thermal resistance and improve the system’s overall performance.
  3. Ensure equipment safety: Excessive temperatures may cause damage to the IGBT module and even cause a fire in severe cases. The efficient IGBT Heat Sink helps control the temperature within a safe range to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

Design requirements of IGBT Heat Sink

  1. High thermal conductivity: To quickly absorb and conduct the heat generated by the IGBT, the IGBT Heat Sink needs to have a high thermal conductivity. Commonly used materials such as copper and aluminum have good thermal conductivity properties.
  2. Large heat dissipation area: By increasing the heat dissipation area, the heat dissipation efficiency can be improved. Therefore, the shape and layout of the heat sink need to be optimized during design to increase the heat dissipation area.
  3. Optimize air duct design: Reasonable air duct design can ensure that the airflow covers the entire radiator surface and improves the heat dissipation effect. Fan location, speed, and vent layout must be considered during design.
  4. Good thermal contact: To ensure that heat can be quickly transferred from the IGBT to the Heat Sink, the thermal contact between the two needs to be as close as possible. During installation, thermal conductive silicone grease can reduce thermal resistance.
  5. Customized design: Depending on the application scenario and the specifications of the IGBT module, a customized design may be required to meet specific heat dissipation needs.
(IGBT Heat Sink)

The effect of IGBT Heat Sink in practical applications

By using an efficient IGBT Heat Sink, the heat dissipation effect of the IGBT module can be significantly improved, thus bringing the following practical application benefits:

  1. Extend the service life: By lowering the operating temperature, the service life of the IGBT module can be extended, reducing replacement frequency and maintenance costs.
  2. Improve system efficiency: IGBT modules with good heat dissipation can maintain a lower operating temperature, which helps reduce thermal resistance and improve the system’s overall efficiency.
  3. Improve reliability: By using materials with high thermal conductivity and optimized air duct design, the failure rate of IGBT modules can be reduced, and the system’s reliability can be improved.
  4. Ensure equipment safety: By effectively dissipating heat, the operating temperature of the IGBT module can be controlled within an invulnerable range to avoid equipment damage and fire risks caused by overheating.


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